Greenidge wins again, draw for Su as Guyana lose to Jersey

Ronuel Greenidge scored an upset victory while Haifeng Su earned a draw as Guyana went under to Jersey by one and one half points to two and one half yesterday at the 41st World Chess Championships in Tromso, Norway.

Playing on Board Two with the black pieces, Greenidge, ranked 1630 by FIDE, checkmated Tito Khan, FIDE rating of 2000 after 61 moves.

Su, FIDE ranking of 1724, playing with the white pieces was unable to force a win against Krzysztof Belzo FIDE ranking 2034 the game ending in a draw after 35 moves with Su in a slightly better position having five pawns to his opponent’s four in a rook and king endgame.

On Board One Drayton playing with the white pieces lost a rook and pawn endgame to his opponent’s bishop and pawn with Drayton unable to prevent his opponent from queening the pawn on the h file while Maria Varona Thomas FIDE ranking 1777 resigned her match against Garry Forbes FIDE ranking 1917 after 66 moves with white clearly having superiors material advantage.

Two more rounds remain.



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