GFF constitutional reform to begin early next year

— Urling


Chairman of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Normalization Committee Clinton Urling, said the procedure of beginning the entity’s main mandate of GFF constitutional reform is expected to commence in the month of February.

Speaking at a press conference held at the entity’s headquarters, Urling said “The process for GFF constitutional reform is tentatively set for early February. We will have a committee made up of about 15 persons and FIFA will be spearheading and coordinating the process.”

Urling declared “After two days, hopefully we will have a new constitution and after that the member associations will fall in line and mirror the new GFF constitution.”

Members of the GFF Normalization Committee (sitting), GFF Referees Committee and FIFA accredited referees pose for a photo opportunity following the conclusion of the press conference held at the entity’s Campbellville headquarters
Members of the GFF Normalization Committee (sitting), GFF Referees Committee and FIFA accredited referees pose for a photo opportunity following the conclusion of the press conference held at the entity’s Campbellville headquarters

He said that the main focus going forward is on constitutional reform of the federation and that the process for facilitating the changes in the constitutions of the member associations will follow.

Asked about the current status of the FIFA Goal-Project, he said discussions have been held between the committee and the government in trying to iron out details of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two parties.

Urling informed that the current MOU was the same document submitted to the government by the previous executive and that the FIFA appointed body was working towards getting a lease for the land at the Leonora facility.

He, however said that the committee would consider an alternative option if another location was donated or made available for the project. “There is no agreement, there are discussions. Once FIFA agrees to the MOU we will move forward. If the GFF doesn’t get the land, the project can’t get off the ground,” he added.

“Guyana has become eligible for two FIFA Challenger Projects and the two areas identified are Linden and Georgetown.”

According to Urling, once the project is given the green light following the confirmation of the respective locations, artificial playing surfaces will be constructed and that the cost for each of the initiative will be US$500,000.

Questioned about the current financial status of the GFF, Urling said “It’s no secret the GFF is in debt. We have to put strong financial structures in place to restrict anyone from spending money that is unauthorised or in a cavalier manner. We have put systems in place to make sure every cent is accounted for.”

He stated that committee has created the new position of Director of Finance which will be held by ACC certified accountant Kareem Jones to ensure that such systems are created, monitored and enforced.


Urling noted the creation of the Director of Finance position is part of the committee’s plan for restricting the GFF and as such, he will be heading the Referees Committee alongside its newly appointed Vice President Trevor Beckles.


According to Urling, the committee has secured the period of November 16th 2015-Jaunary 1st 2016 for the hosting of a yearend tournament. He noted currently, the only tournament that has been approved by the body to date is the Kashif and Shanghai tourney for the period of March-5th-April 6th 2015.


Nonetheless he said that the decision of the committee with regards to the annual yearend event can be altered if a new disposition was to be at the helm of the federation.


Quizzed about the technical director vacancy of the national setup, Urling said a decision following interviews with the respective applicants will be made in the first or second week of January 2015.


He noted individuals from Romania, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA have applied for the post. “Whoever is selected will be a highly qualified individual and will be responsible for coordinating Guyana’s developmental programme,” he added.


According to the chairman, the male and female national teams are expected to be in action in the coming year. Urling stated that the Barbados Football Association has invited Guyana to participate in a friendly matchup in the month of January 2015.


He said that the committee has also registered the men’s side for the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers and the Men’s u-23 Olympic Qualifiers which are expected to commence in the upcoming year. On the female side, Urling said the committee has registered the women’s u-23 setup for the Olympic Qualifiers slated to be held in 2016.


Prior to the commencement of the press briefing, the committee honoured several FIFA accredited referees for their outstanding showing both locally and overseas.


Presented with certificates and an undisclosed monetary award were Maurice Skeete, Venton Mars, Kevin Stephens, Lenval Peart, Kleon Lindey, Sherwin Moore, Sherwin Johnson and Trevor Porter

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