VP of East Coast Board passes away suddenly

The President, Executives and Clubs of the East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB) have expressed regret at the passing of their first Vice-President Samaroo Jailal, 42, who died at the Woodlands Hospital after feeling unwell today.

A statement from the board today said that Jailall was recently re-elected to serve as first Vice-President of the ECCB. He was also the former President and the current Secretary of the Lusignan Sports Club. Jailal who held a Masters degree in Business Administration was the Finance Officer of the Guyana Improving Teachers Education Project (GITET), the University of Guyana Structure and Technology Support Programme (UGSPS) and the National Hinterland School Feeding Programme (NSP). He also served as Assistant Secretary of the Demerara Cricket Board and Secretary of the Competitions Committee 2009-2011.

“It is with great shock, sadness and disbelief that our dear Brother Sam has passed away. His untimely passing will greatly affect all of us and has unquestionably created a huge vacuum in the Administration of Cricket on the East Coast, Demerara and by extension Guyana. Samaroo served Guyana’s Cricket diligently and with distinction, in several capacities. He was a self-effacing individual who always put his priorities in order but choose cricket in particular, above everything else. He was an able Cricket administrator who did everything for the betterment of the Sport. He will be deeply missed”, the statement said.

Samaroo Jailal
Samaroo Jailal

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