Stacy Ramcharan lets her voice be heard

“I believe pageantry is a celebration of beauty, beauty with a purpose. It is one of the platforms that give young women an opportunity to let their voices be heard on various issues we are facing as a developing country which may need special attention,” says Stacy Ramcharan.

It is fitting then that she has been crowned Miss Earth Guyana and is to represent this country at the Miss Earth Pageant in the Philippines in December.

Stacy’s personal platform which she will make the focus of her crown is the importance of recycling.

Ramcharan, Miss Earth Guyana
Ramcharan, Miss Earth Guyana

Her interest in the pageant started when she saw a post on Facebook inviting young women to apply. She highlighted that she was drawn to apply because of her love and concern for Mother Earth.

After being screened by Franchise Holder Pamela Dillon of Simpli Royal and a committee, she was shortlisted among ten girls and finally selected based on her physical beauty, her intelligence, personality, being a Guyanese citizen and being 5’8” in height.

Stacy was a model for Randy Madray designs and was cast in various television commercials.

20140503Stacy2Born 23 years ago on Christmas Day to Tony and Nadira Ramcharan at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Stacy’s early childhood years were spent in the quiet countryside of the East Coast Demerara village of La Bonne Intention. At around eight years old her family moved to the heart of Georgetown where they now reside.

Having lived half of her childhood in a rural village, Stacy values the love and harmony that existed. “One lesson I learnt as a child is that parents and elderly people always know best,” she said. “Looking back at my life I must say I am more than grateful for the upbringing that was given to me because of that I am what I am today.”

She is the second of three children and as a child she felt “privileged” to have two brothers. “Growing up with two brothers and being the only girl child made me expose my tomboyish side,” she laughed. “I was into sports like cricket or football and did a lot of guy stuff.”

She attended Mae’s schools and later turned to accounting. She is currently pursuing studies for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants exams. Stacy is currently an accountant at her father’s business entity Tony’s Auto Spares where she gets to learn the family business from the ground up.

Pageantry has always been one of her aims, she said and her family and friends played a big part by encouraging her to take this step because of her physical appearance and her strong will. She expressed to The Scene that it is because of her family’s continuous encouragement she feels the need not to only compete but also to win the international pageant.

Though she admires many persons in all walks of life, she particularly idolises Oprah Winfrey who she said is a true humanitarian, a great role model to women everywhere, and despite being a wealthy individual she is very humble and leads an inspiring and influencing lifestyle by reminding others that where there is no struggle there is no strength. Apart from Oprah, Stacy’s role model is herself, “Because for me every day I am faced with a different challenge to be a 20140503Stacy6better person than I was yesterday and I sometimes marvel at how I cope.”

She described her journey so far to be a wonderful experience.

20140503Stacy5According to Stacy, the Miss Earth Pageant is one with a difference, a deeper sense of beauty with a purpose to serve and play a role in saving and preserving the earth.

She said that during her year as Miss Earth Guyana, she will put in place two major projects which will advocate for recycling. The first project is the Recycled, Reused Wearable Art Competition and the second, The Earth Angel Project.

She said that these projects are education based, as education is important to self-development. She also intends to be involved in several charity and self-development projects such as clean up campaigns and school tours. “I am open to working with any form of group or organization which is passionate about saving Mother Earth,” she said.

Her social life at the moment is very limited since her main focus is the Miss Earth Pageant and doing all that she can to be well prepared for it. Her hobbies include: spending time with her dear ones, travelling, listening to music, particularly trance music because it gives her a mental space and a great sense of awakening and refreshment. For her it is the only type of music where you can sit and listen to a song no matter what kind of mood you are in and still enjoy it.

Modelling and helping the less fortunate also play a great part in her life. She loves children and being around them and attending to their needs give her fulfilment. She is very concerned about the environment and thus was prompted to start a “Save the Earth Club” for children to make them aware of habits that would take care of the earth.

In the near future she sees herself accomplishing her current goals, having a beautiful family and running a successful business.

Stacy feels humbled and honoured to have been selected to represent Guyana.

In preparation, she has begun to work with an “amazing team of professionals,” she said, including Pageant Coach Pamela Dillon; Public Relations Officer Jonathon Anthony; Manager and Head Designer Randy Madray; Makeup Artist 20140503Stacy3Tenisha Garnette; Hairdresser Rehanna Hoosein; Graphic Artist Troy Edmonson; Pageant Coach and Designer Roger Gary; Designer Olympia Small-Sonaram; Arts by Bravo Arts; Photography by 55 Photography, A Thousand Words Photography and John Green Photography; and Events Promoter Pulse Entertainment.

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