Horizon Arts offers ‘Love Vibration for Father’s Day

Horizon Arts Production is preparing to stage its sixth annual cultural extravaganza for Father’s Day on June 15, at 20:00 hrs at the Theatre Guild Playhouse, Georgetown under the theme “Love Vibrations”.

According to a press note, the production will feature songs, dances, poems and dramatic pieces. It added that the showcase will send a powerful message to particularly young fathers, helping them to see fatherhood in a positive light and urging them to honour their responsibilities to their children.

The show is centred around a young father who wants to quit when things get too tough and he believes that he cannot cope with the responsibilities that come with fathering children when he was not fully prepared to do so. The choice he makes did not turn out to be ideal for him and he finally realizes that he needs to be with his family.

The programme is being put together and directed by Sheron Cadogan-Taylor and Mariatha Causway.

There will be performances by Bonny Alves, Charmaine Blackman, Colin Ambrose, Nathaya Whaul, Nelon Benjamin, Sonia Yarde, Nuriyyih Gerrard, Renne Chester, Abigail Brower, Leon Cummings and Clement Stanford.

Four fathers will be honoured that evening on the show, and in addition each father entering the theatre will be treated to a complimentary glass of wine and a small token.

Tickets cost $1,000 and are available at the Theatre Guild or from any member of the cast.

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