Selecting a makeup artist

Interest in the beauty industry has always been something women have fixated themselves on.

However, I think some women have gone above and beyond with this fixation. Some will try every beauty tool, supplement and bleaching cream to get that tick-box attractive look. Whether it is the installation of Nova Lash eyelashes, or semi-permanent makeup, some of us are up for the ride to improve our personal appearance.

Traditionally, women just went to the salon for their hair, nails, brows, mani/pedi and elsewhere for the occasional massage. Now, 20140802wordmany have a makeup artist (MUA) on speed dial. The number of local makeup artists has multiplied in the last nine months. It’s a growing trend.

Most of the MUAs today find it rewarding; catering to this new beauty craze has a high return on investment. However, not all operate as professionals and take it as seriously as they should.

Selecting a makeup artist is actually something you shouldn’t overlook or treat lightly because it’s your skin we are talking about. So ladies what do we look for when selecting a makeup artist? Is it the skill alone or a mixture of this and professional traits?

For me, earning the makeup artist title extends itself beyond just skill. Contouring my face correctly is a big part but it is also not everything. It is my belief that apart from the technical skill he or she should possess, the makeup artist should also have the correct professional etiquette. Like any other service job, you have the right to say what you prefer. The title makeup artist does not mean that person has the right to paint your lips green. Makeup artists need to maintain a working relationship with their clients.

As much as it is an artistic trade which promotes freedom of expression, it is also a service job. They must be able to have the right mix of artistic freedom and customer satisfaction.

So yes professionalism is a must! The makeup artist should try his or her best to fully understand the client and the look the client is trying to achieve whilst offering appropriate advice.

The makeup artist should help you to see your beauty before the application. As much as makeup is an enhancer, we need to feel beautiful without it as well.

20140823lipsLike a hairdresser, the artist needs to develop a personal relationship with you. Advise you on your special features and show you how you can add to highlight your best features. Professional etiquette aside, simple ground rules should also be adhered to. Meeting times should be respected, personal hygiene should be first class and branding should be defined. Those who have managed to secure a name for themselves by developing their own unique selling points are far and few.

So what are my tips when selecting a makeup artist?

1. Don’t be fooled by all the well edited pictures on social media. Try to learn from those who have experienced the service.

2. If you ask me, some makeup artists are still trying to learn the skill and backsliding on the professional bearings of the occupation whilst ignoring the business and appropriate industry protocol. Therefore, you must ask questions and do your research before selecting a make-up artist. Ask the MUA to have a look at his/her portfolio or client testimonials.

3. Try your best to feel the artist out during your first consultation. You need someone who is friendly and at the same time open, to give you an honest opinion in the kindest manner because appearance is a touchy topic.

4. Don’t only base your MUA selection on Instagram videos. Sure this is an excellent way to draw in clients. However, what you need is a feedback from past clients.

20140823eye5. Your face is truly special; don’t trust it to your next door neighbour who is doing a ‘course’ or a part-time job.

Now I understand many have taken a liking to the beauty industry and see it as one of the more lucrative ones in the whole style genre, particularly in the Caribbean but please bear in mind you are dealing with people’s faces. Give yourself enough time to learn the trade and even more time to master the professionalism that it should come with. Persons are not only basing service choices on price but also referral marketing/recommendations. Imagine every customer as ten potential customers. Be professional, skillful and paint those faces pretty.


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