The masquerade bands on the streets and the smells in the air; the holidays are the best time of the year! Seriously who does not like Christmas? It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Georgetown transforms before our very eyes, the streets look a bit cleaner; police officers in neat uniforms patrol on foot, directing traffic and keeping the pickpockets at bay.

Masqueraders dance in the streets, which seem to come alive with vibrant colours and music, festivals and dance. Again I ask, who does not like the holidays?

20140215boxIt’s the time of garlic pork and pepperpot, chicken and mashed potatoes, stuffing and cake, buffet specials and feasts for lunch. Ahh! Just the smell! It is the one time of the year when we all seem jolly and happy and strangely enough united by a spirt, a feeling.

You can walk through the Christmas Village on Main Street and under the fairy lights that twinkle in the trees; see all the buildings in downtown Georgetown brightly lit with coloured lights; and drive pass the Christmas tree at Rahaman’s turn going to the East Bank Demerara. I love the sort of competition that is going on. Which building would be the best decorated?

Shopping is no easy task mind you. But come on, for once a year Georgetown actually looks like a commercial city with the many shops and merchants, the businesses booming and the pedestrian traffic thick on the pavements. Road traffic is very chaotic however.

Even window shopping is a blast. For some, it’s about getting ideas and being amazed at the assortments and options. Others are buying Christmas decorations and ‘breaking up the house’ for that special Christmas clean; new mats, new curtains, floors polished, all shiny and clean.

As a child, I was always adding my own imagination to the hustle and bustle and marking down the days to Christmas on the calendar.

Family is the centre of the holidays. The love and care, warmth and happiness you get from spending time with your loved ones, making new memories, sharing jokes and laughing at those old stories is beyond compare. Friends are there too, to hang, shop, have lunch or go partying. Who does not like the holidays?!!!!!!!!

There is no other time you can be excused for pulling wrong notes than when you are singing along to Christmas Carols. Or you can just go ahead and blast the Christmas tunes on the radio. Then there’s the dressing up for school and office parties; the sharing of cards and exchanging of gifts. Did I mention the promotions galore, bazaars and giveaways? Happiness is just the signature of this season and that is what I wish you all.

The happiness of the holidays.

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