Local IT sector gets a Lenovo ‘look-in

Local state-run, technology-driven entities were earlier this month afforded the rare opportunity of interfacing with the internationally renowned Chinese-owned Lenovo, currently among the world’s leading personal computer manufacturers and IT innovators.

Private sector companies including commercial banks, insurance companies and major manufacturers with substantive operational interest in support tools and services being created by the Information Technology sector also benefited from the visit to Georgetown by a three-member team from the global technology giant.

On Wednesday, February 4, the officials from the Beijing-based company hosted one of its Lenovo Live events at the Pegasus Hotel, affording IT specialists from entities represented at the event the opportunity of being briefed on the company’s most recent product offerings as well as a broader update on industry-wide trends and directions.

Lenovo official in discourse with local public and private sector IT functionaries  at the Pegasus Hotel
Lenovo official in discourse with local public and private sector IT functionaries at the Pegasus Hotel

At the enterprise level Lenovo Brand Ambassador Garrett Dugger provided a briefing on professional, entertainment and gaming issues in the sector, affording the opportunity for participating local officials to field questions on issues relating to IT development in the context of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery in their respective entities.

During the team’s visit here Lenovo Director Michael Abplanalp declared that “Guyana is an emerging market and Lenovo wants to provide solutions to help with the development process as is done in other Caribbean territories.” Trinidad and Tobago is one of Lenovo’s largest markets in the region.

Up until now Lenovo’s business relationship with Guyana has ensued largely through its two local channel partners, Vishnu Panday & Associates and Starr Computer Inc. The latter’s Brickdam business complex is the home of the Lenovo Experience Centre, a facility established to offer Lenovo product display and seminars and workshops for the local market. Starr Computer Inc has also been serving as a service centre for Lenovo equipment.

The Lenovo Group has become the foremost symbol of Chinese involvement in the global information technology sector. Established in Beijing in 1984 the company has acquired industry assets that include IBM and Motorola and currently markets its products in more than 150 countries.

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