APNU+AFC administration will deliver clean, transparent, accountable and representative government

A Partnership for National Unity’s core philosophy of inclusionary democracy is a wide foundational construct, which encompasses all citizens. It is not just about including officials from various political parties in governmental positions. APNU’s commitment to good governance dictates that all citizens be included, and be treated equally. The partnership will provide opportunities for all Guyanese to realise a better life. The coalition will not discriminate against any citizen, for any reason. Government must serve all Guyanese, regardless of race, gender, age, culture, political affiliation, or location of residence. APNU is committed to ensuring that all Guyanese have equal access to high-quality services and all available resources. Good governance will eliminate the system of a life of obscene privilege for a few, while the majority are shut out and excluded, as has been the case under Jagdeo/Ramotar administrations.

Unfortunately for the majority of Guyanese, the PPP regime provides opportunities for only the privileged elite. The ruling clique continues to focus only on the wants of its wealthy members and top supporters while ignoring the needs of the majority. Government officials are given unfettered access to the best healthcare. Ministers and their families enjoy only the best medical care. One minister of government spent over 2 million taxpayer dollars to beautify her teeth. Meanwhile, seriously ill Guyanese cannot access one cent of government assistance, even for desperately needed treatment. We know, for example, of nine-year-old Javier Anderson who died of cancer on January 6. Despite pleas for assistance, the PPP regime had declined to provide funds for Javier’s treatment.

The privileged elite enroll their children in the best private schools. Ironically, the PPP’s Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, is no exception. Meanwhile, the children of ordinary Guyanese must attend under-equipped, underfunded, poorly staffed, and often, dangerous schools. We recall that in mid-January, parents of children at the Watooka Day Primary school in Region 10, were forced to keep their children at home because the school was infested with snakes. The APNU+AFC coalition will put an end to such inequity; all Guyanese will be included in access to services and resources.

20140501logoThe ruling regime discriminates against some Guyanese. The dictatorship victimises some of its own citizens. The ruling clique has ignored the issues of crime, poor infrastructure, sanitation, water-supply, electricity, and lack of recreational facilities in particular neighbourhoods, municipalities and regions. Individuals have been victimised for speaking out against the PPP’s improprieties. Persons have had their jobs taken away for blowing the whistle on government corruption. Citizens have been physically attacked and injured for daring to voice their opposition to the regime’s heavy-handed oppression. In fact, entire communities have been targeted by the dictators in the ironically named Freedom House. Central Georgetown has experienced the anger of the regime, because the PPP believes that most of the Capital’s residents do not support their Party. Agricola, Linden, parts of New Amsterdam and other areas, have also experienced the regime’s wrath. The PPP dictatorship rules in a manner which benefits only its closest friends, while those who oppose its discriminatory policies are deliberately punished. The partnership has no tolerance for such practises. The coalition’s adherence to good governance will guarantee that no citizen is victimised or discriminated against. The coalition will be a government of all Guyanese, for all Guyanese, not just its own supporters.

Article 13 of Guyana’s Constitution states, “The principal objective of the political system of the state is to establish an inclusionary democracy by providing increasing opportunities for citizens.”

Inclusionary democracy is not limited to political participation at the governmental level. Instead, it mandates equality for all citizens. The coalition respects the Constitution. The partnership will build and maintain systems which will guarantee that every Guyanese citizen is given equal access to opportunities to build a better life. Elitism and privilege have no place in equitable governance. Discrimination based on race, age, gender, culture, or political alliance, cannot and will not be tolerated in an inclusive society. The coalition’s foundation of inclusivity, equity, and democratic governance will guarantee that systems and structures, policies and developmental agendas, cater to all citizens equally.

On May 11, 2015 vote to end inequity, discrimination, lack of accountability and transparency. Reject One-Party Rule and Winner-takes-All Politics.

Vote for inclusivity, transparency, accountability and representative government.

Vote APNU+AFC for a Better Tomorrow.

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