The Revised List of Electors

In the lead up to the General and Regional Elections to be held in Guyana on May 11, 2015, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is working assiduously to ensure that it provides to the nation an Official List of Electors that is as accurate as possible. Accordingly, before the Commission can even reach to the stage of creating the Official List of Electors, it must have produced firstly a Preliminary List of Electors (which it has already done) and then, secondly, a Revised List of Electors. GECOM is currently at the point of producing and publishing the Revised List of Electors for eligible electors to once again peruse and to further ensure that their particulars stated in the List are correct.


20150228voters boxProduction and Publication

of the Revised List

The production of the Revised List of Electors involves the inclusion of new electors (captured recently during the Claims and Objections exercise of 2015) as well as the legal extraction of deceased electors from the Preliminary List of Electors.

Upon completion of a number of essential administrative quality control measures, the Chief Election Officer (CEO) will then certify the Revised List of Electors and have it published/posted nationwide for review.

The Revised List of Electors will be posted on March 23, 2015, at two prominent places in all of GECOM’s Divisions/Sub-Divisions. The List will also be available on GECOM’s Website at It will also be circulated to political parties.

The Revised List of Electors will remain posted for 21 Days, during which time all concerned will be afforded the opportunity to check the List for the inclusion of their names – especially the names of the newly registered persons – and to verify the accuracy of their information presented on the List.

NB: Registered electors who will be eighteen (18) years and older by April 30, 2015, will be included on the Revised List of Electors for the upcoming General and Regional Election, and will be eligible to vote on May 11, 2015.


Protecting the Revised List

It is very important that all eligible electors across Guyana have equal access to the Revised List of Electors. Each eligible voter needs to check to see if his or her name is on the list as well as to ensure that all other particulars being displayed on the list are correct. In this regard, GECOM is urging the electorate to exercise great responsibility when handling the various lists posted on buildings in their areas. As much as possible, we must seek to avoid any tearing or defacing of the lists posted in the various Divisions and Sub-Divisions.

GECOM is also calling on the electorate to be very vigilant and to guard against the removal of posted lists. Persons are asked to report immediately to GECOM and to the Police any activity that is of a suspicious or questionable nature regarding the posted Revised List of Electors.

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