The new parking system on Robb and Regent streets

Interviews by Rae Wiltshire and photos
by Arian Browne and Rae Wiltshire

The Guyana Police Force has moved to implement parallel parking on Robb and Regent streets, saying that it will reduce congestion. This week we asked the man and woman in the street for their views on this. Their comments follow:

20150622dwayne archerDwayne Archer – ‘It wasn’t the wisest idea, because the amount of vehicles that coming into the country on a regular basis, it is not easy to get parking and most of the streets are no parking or no stopping. They have a few parking lots but not enough to fit all the cars. I think we should go back to parking diagonally because I don’t know what will become of this situation.’






20150622raphael lewisRaphael Lewis – ‘With the limited availability of space, and now the vehicles can’t park diagonally, so that means the place will get even more congested.’






20150622mark ashbyMark Ashby – ‘Parking is going to be hard because people can’t park diagonally anymore, I feel they should get a parking lot now. Even some businessmen should get some parking lots. They should’ve had this type of parking for some streets not all.’






20150622robert jaikarranRobert Jaikarran – ‘I think they should go back to parking diagonally. We have so many vehicles in this country, if you park diagonal you get more parking space. Long ago, we used to park diagonal and you used to still be behind the white line. This is stupid.’






20150622marvin angusMarvin Angus – ‘Some streets are supposed to have diagonal parking. Robb Street needs diagonal parking because it is a one way street, but Regent Street, no diagonal parking. If it is on one side that might be okay, but not on both sides.’






20150622anthony sarjooAnthony Sarjoo – I think this new parking is better, most of the time when people park the backs of their cars are too far out. Most Guyanese people can’t even reverse. This is the way to park, all the time we have been parking wrong.’






20150622marilyn bancroftMarilyn Bancroft- It’s a good idea but some folks might not want to cooperate. Some people drive their cars up all the way on the pavement and that is not good. I just hope that they cooperate.’







20150622leon metfordLeon Metford – ‘It’s a good gesture because most times people want to park anyhow. I remember I was driving a time but I couldn’t pass even though the green light was on. A bus blocked up the road with bad parking. It’s good, but the police always have to be on the beat and make sure people stick to it. The police are not always on the beat. They are working but they are not always on the beat.’






20150622shawn harrisShawn Harris – ‘Well the new parking on Regent Street, I love the way it is right now because some drivers park funny and obstruct traffic. Some people can’t even reverse they only could go forward. And plus sometimes they drive up all the way up on the pavement.’






20150622ottis charlesOtis Charles – ‘The two-way streets should not have diagonal parking, but one way streets, like Robb Street, should have diagonal parking because that’s a busy street with a lot of businesses and everyone wants parking space.’



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