Interviews and photos by Shabna Ullah

As the date for general elections draws nearer we asked members of the public whether they are excited and would be voting

 20150216noelNoel Parkinson, NIS pensioner,

‘I’m not excited about the elections because as a Christian I don’t get into politics. But as a citizen I’m still concerned about what goes on in the country. I would like the constitution to be amended because whenever there is a change of government it affects the entire system. People have to be shifted out of position. One thing I would like to see is that people who are physically challenged be respected. Even though better systems were put in place there is still some sort of discrimination taking place and rejection shown all around. That needs to be stamped out. The public assistance also needs to be upgraded. More jobs also need to be created and we need better roads and other facilities. We need an overall change.’






 20150216sherrySherry Mohamed, self employed,

‘I am not interested in the elections and I do not think I will vote because to me it is a waste of time. There is a lot of confusion around elections time. I think if the PPP should win again there may be unrest in the country because some people are fighting for a change in government. Regardless of who wins, the country has to go on and we still have to continue to work hard for our living.’









20150216keroyKeroy Brown, electrician,

‘The excitement has started to build up about elections already and I am also excited. I definitely plan to vote. Elections help to get the country up and moving onwards. To me a lot of things have been stagnant, like the high cost of living and lack of jobs. I think it is time we take control of what has been happening so that all Guyanese can live comfortably.’








20150216faheemFaheem, labourer,

‘I am not excited about the elections because we would still be at square one. But I have no objections to it being held so fast and I’m planning to go and vote. The most important thing for the grass-root people is the cost of living to drop. I don’t think anybody can regulate that. When you go to some shops and three different persons sell you, you would get three different prices. The fuel price drop but the bus fare didn’t drop. Parents still have to find the same amount of money for transportation for their children to go to school. It is hard for most parents because they do not have a big salary. And although they say they drop 10% from the light bill, it would still be high because GPL would continue to estimate it. And you can’t query it, you have to go and pay whatever they tell you because you would get disconnected.’








 20150216delnellyDelnelly Baker, self-employed,

‘I am excited about the elections because I think this time around there will be changes and with those changes things would be better in the country in terms of job opportunities. For instance, I wrote CXC in 2008 and I’ve applied for jobs at several places. I have not gotten a response although I have the requirements and I am also computer literate. Getting a job has to do with connections; you have to know someone first before you get through. Then most places are asking for experience. How can you get experience if you were never hired in the first place? So that’s how I decided to get started in business.’








20150216aneshwar Aneshwar Narine, farmer,

‘I am not excited about the elections because I think it is a waste of time and I would not be voting. For the past 22 years I supported the PPP but I would not support it anymore. I have an issue with corruption in the Ministry of Housing. I applied for a plot of land at Zeelugt after occupying it for over 22 years. But another man came after and applied and an official from the Housing Ministry (name provided) tore up my agreement and gave the man the land. I consulted a lawyer and took housing to court and I won and was awarded transport for the land. But the official still gave the man full possession of the land. I had already gotten a plan and started my foundation when the man came and break it up and said [the official] gave him permission to do that. Imagine we put the PPP in power and we go to them with a problem and they don’t look into our interest. I now live in the scheme at Greenwich Park that a strong PPP supporter (now deceased) built. He promised to put in all infrastructures but the road is terrible and during heavy rainfall residents are unable to use their vehicles. Some persons also took a few years to access water while others still do not have even though they applied long.’








20150216dallcaDallica David, food vendor/caterer,

‘I am certain that after this election there would be betterment in the country so yes, I am excited and I’m definitely planning to vote; that’s a must. I would like to see positive changes especially for the working class. Jobs should be readily available for persons who are not qualified academically. You find that if persons have to go for a simple job like a cook or a waitress, they have to be qualified and experienced.’








20150216motieMotie Rambhajue, self-employed,

‘I am optimistic that there would be betterment for the country so I’m excited about the elections. I am planning to vote and I would support the same party. I have seen a lot of improvements so far and I expect more in the future. But I have a problem with the road and drainage in the scheme at Greenwich Park where I live. I moved from Wakenaam a few years ago where I was doing farming and purchased the house and land from a private businessman but everything is not in order like I expected.’








20150216teddy Teddy, construction worker,

‘I am not excited about the elections because regardless of the outcome, the same thing would happen again. For instance, if the opposition wins it would still take time for the country to develop. We badly need help to fix the road in the scheme at Greenwich Park and we asked the government many times. They promised to come and never did. It is terrible during the rainy weather. I am not sure about voting. I would see what it looks like when that time comes.’








20150216jaunice Jaunice Grant, vendor,

‘The elections don’t excite me because I don’t deal with politics and whatever the outcome, it is ok with me. I just hope that whichever party wins would take the interest of the people seriously. I would like to see improvements in many more areas and for that to happen the policy of the country needs to be changed. I am planning to vote because it is my right.’








20150216joel david

‘I am excited about the elections because over the years I haven’t seen any sort of change. We need changes for progress to take place. I would vote always at every election. I only hope that whoever goes into power do something good for the country, especially the poor class of people who are suffering and not for themselves. We need a more professional police force. The laws of this country are divided – one for the rich and one for the poor. I read in the papers where a person was found with a large quantity of drugs and was granted bail while persons with a lesser amount are being remanded and sentenced.’


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