Interviews by Sharda Bacchus
Photos by Arian Browne

This week on ‘What the People Say’ we asked members of the public about the top three things they would like the government to do. Their responses follow:

20150629princePrince Vanturl-Computer Technician

`The first thing that I would like to see the new Government do is to look into the education sector, especially as it relates to the tertiary education. There should be more facilities apart from the University of Guyana. As of lately there have been some changes in terms of the governing of the University but there is still more that can be done. I would like to see the second thing they do is to look at the city in terms of its surroundings. There was a clean-up campaign that started which is very good but I just hope we can keep this up and it is not just a one-time thing. And the third thing should be the economy, which is an issue by itself. It will take some time but the government should find some means of getting funds into the country that will develop it faster. It is a new government and everything is not going to happen immediately but they should start with these aspects.’


20150629theldosiusTheldosius Delloza-Medical student of UG

‘For me the first thing I would like to see the new government do is improve the University of Guyana. I have seen a lot of other universities, I talk to people from others but the facilities they have here including the lecturing, we have potential but the new government has to start to put these things in place. Next, I would like to see they do something about the increase in crime rate. There should be some new plans put in place to decrease criminal acts that have been happening every day. I don’t know what particular strategies are there but they can tackle the area. The third thing I would like them to do is repair the poor road facilities. There are a lot of roads with potholes and I think it is due time to repair them.’



20150629olvaOlva Bess-Final year Medical student at UG

`The first of three things I would like to see the new Government do is actually improve the University of Guyana so that it can be a better place. Most importantly the medical section since a lot of people are not aware that in Guyana you can actually pursue studies in this field. The other thing I want them to do is properly implement the laws because there are many laws in Guyana that are not in place. And I would like to see Guyana restoring the garden city it is and we should keep maintaining it just how we started cleaning up voluntarily.’



20150629dejasus 1Rushanna DeJasus-Typist/Clerk

`One of the main things I would like to see the new government do is try to improve facilities at the University of Guyana. That is every faculty because it is the only University in the country and special efforts should be placed in it. And next I want to see proper drainage facilities. They should look into this issue since it has been affecting a lot of citizens recently. Thirdly, the new Government should provide more jobs for the young people coming out of school. Not just for them to do everyday jobs but those that will suit their qualifications.’




20150629bestamanteBestamante Moore-Vendor

`The first thing for me is the law system needs to be straightened so that the country can run the way it should and people will know there are consequences to certain things they do attached. Added to that, the education system needs to be looked into so that the people can talk to each other with more discipline and manners and thirdly, like those age 60 and over like myself, who served the country for years must get their benefits as they deserve.’





20150629rhondaRhonda Rodrigues-Teller

`Priority number one for me that the new Government should do is to see that the elderly people have more benefits. Not only that which they worked for but those that they can benefit from on an everyday basis like free transportation to get around. The private sector needs to improve their payments to workers because personally my salary is small and I would like if they could start paying hourly, even for workers to get pay for the overtime they work. And the health sector, thirdly, especially the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) needs tremendous im-provements because my son was once in the hospital and he had to share a bed with someone else. All this shouldn’t happen. The new government should facilitate proper accommodation for sick persons who visit the public hospitals.’



20150629kesiaKesia Allicock- Training Teacher at the CPCE

‘I as an aspiring teacher would like to see an increase in teacher’s salary firstly from the new Government because I think we work hard enough for more and we deserve it. Also they can at least put some programme or so in place so that persons will continue with the clean-up campaign and our country can remain a clean one. Finally, they could do a lot more work to improve the health sector especially if they make more equipment available at the public hospitals. In this way, a lot more will be possible and patients will also be able to receive more affordable health care.’



20150629meshachMeshach Williams-Student at QC

‘I would like to see the new government continue to maintain the city and have more bins provided so there would be less littering. Also they could address more strict security measures. This will at least see some decrease in the growing crime rate. More police officers should be placed around the villages and every possible place not only for security purposes but also more emphasis should be on the traffic flow especially that of the morning hours. And the other thing I would like to see them do is do something that will improve the health sector, which is one of the most important to me. There should be less maternity deaths and other health issues that have been arising.’



20150629jayaJaya Ramsahai-Student

`I want to first congratulate the new government and one of the things I would really like to see them do is remove the large number of vagrants on the streets. This had been an issue years ago and nothing has been done about it and I think they should do something about it, at least get them off the streets and place them in homes or for those that are sickly get them treated. Also, I would really like them to put some kind of price control on commodities because when there is an increase everything goes up and it is very hard to deal with. One other thing I would like to see them do is to put one of their promises in place by cutting or reducing the taxes because I think the VAT encompassed the entire country but the PAYE just attacks the workers on the whole and money is being deducted a lot whereas workers like taxi drivers and so they can declare at the end of the year they don’t make any kind money and just don’t pay taxes.’



20150629melissaMelissa Nicholas-Customer Care Agent

‘There is much that they can do but for me I would like to see a reduction in the tax. Something that a lot of citizens has been complaining of over the past years. Also more systems should be put in place for the younger generation which is the future. On the afternoons after schools many children would be liming on the street corners, on the parks and they quickly get themselves involved in illegal activities and this can be stopped if stronger measures and emphasis are placed in this area although we all know parents play a huge task here. Finally for me, a former student of the University of Guyana, I hope the new Government fixes the tertiary facility because I personally know a lot of work is needed to be done there.












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