Benschop to contest general elections

Social activist Mark Benschop will be running for national office with his Independent Party.

He told Stabroek News yesterday that the party will be contesting seats in Regions 3, 4, 6 and 10 with a grassroots approach to garnering support. Benschop said that the aim was to be in Parliament and fight for the people. He said that party politics have clouded the functioning of the legislative branch of government for far too long.

He said that that there needed to be a radical approach to politics at the national level. Speaking to Stabroek News from New York, Benschop said that he was currently meeting with citizens within the diaspora and formulating his campaign.

He said that his party was looking to campaign on lowering the Value Added Tax, reform of the prison system and critical infrastructure works that were needed in communities across the country.

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