D’Edward fisherman’s $7M boat stolen

A fisherman of D’ Edward, West Bank Berbice is desperately trying to locate his boat Renita 3, valued $7M after it was reportedly stolen from the Rosignol wharf sometime on Friday night.

Latchman Ramnarine, 62, a member of the Rosignol fisheries told Stabroek News that the blue boat which had a broad red stripe at the bottom was equipped with a 48 hp Yamaha engine. It also had a 3000-pound seine on board.

A report was made at the Blairmont Police Station. He learnt that the watchman who was supposed to be on duty did not show up for work that night.

He has suspected another fisherman of committing the offence because the man and his family have since disappeared from the area with their belongings.

He recalled that his captain moored the boat at the wharf around 5 pm after he returned from sea.

At 6 the following morning he went to the fisheries to get the boat ready to go out to sea again.

He became worried after he did not see the boat and immediately contacted the captain who hurried to the wharf. They then started searching the area but came up empty-handed.

Ramnarine and a few other persons also went to the No 66 Fisheries to search and make inquiries but there was still no trace of his missing boat.

Determined not to give up, Ramnarine and his search team also travelled to Charity, Essequibo Coast to

continue the search.

Again, their effort in locating the boat was in vain. They contacted the coastguards in that area and they promised to be on the lookout and to inform their colleagues in the interior locations.

Latchman has been in the fishing business for a number of years. Although this is the first time that his boat was stolen, he has been the victim of a number piracy attacks.

During last month he said his boat was attacked twice with the pirates beating his workers and stealing his gasoline and catch and damaging his engine.


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