Drivers held over tooting in silent zone reprimanded

After ordering the arrests of drivers who were incessantly tooting their horns outside the Supreme Court yesterday while a trial was underway, Justice Navindra Singh was shocked to learn that the policeman who made the arrests had left to attend classes.

During the hearing of the Neesa Gopaul trial, the court was disturbed by the insistent tooting of horns on the street outside.

An officer was then ordered to make an arrest.

When the sitting ended for the day, the three drivers appeared before the judge, but the arresting officer was not there. When Justice Singh asked, it was reported by another police officer at 3.55 pm that the policeman had left work for the day to attend classes.

The judge then explained to the three drivers that they could not be tried as the person who effected the arrest had left. He told them that in the circumstances he did not know whether they were in breach of the silence policy.

However, he warned the two men and one woman that if that was indeed the case, it is an offence, explaining that there are laws against such practices and he does not want to be disturbed.

He warned too that the offence carries a sentence of imprisonment of seven days or a fine of up to $250,000.

Thus reprimanded, the drivers were released.

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