PPP endorses Ramotar

-seeking to reach voters across political, ethnic spectrum

The Central Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) met yesterday and unanimously endorsed President Donald Ramotar as the Party’s Presidential Candidate, a release from Freedom House said last evening.

The release said that the meeting also made an assessment of the current political situation and came up with ways of positioning the party to win an absolute majority in the upcoming polls. The release made no mention of who else would be on the ticket with Ramotar or any alliances developed. Political analysts see the PPP facing the most serious challenge yet to its grasp on power at the scheduled May 11, 2015 polls particularly in the light of alliance talks between the two opposition groups, APNU and the AFC.

Freedom House said that discussions yesterday centred on ensuring that the party’s elections machinery is well oiled for victory.

“The Central Committee expressed satisfaction with the work done by party structures on the ground to ensure that eligible voters are on the List”, the release said.

The release said that the meeting also came up with strategies to reach out to voters right across the political and ethnic spectrums. Reference to the ethnic spectrum would likely raise eyebrows as the party has incessantly argued that it is fully multiracial.

The PPP release said that the Party is “highly encouraged by the political goodwill and expressions and pledges it has been receiving both nationally and from the diaspora since the announcement of the date of elections.”

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