Rosignol fisher netted red-handed with stolen $7m boat

A fisherman who operates from the Rosignol fisheries has been taken into custody after he was caught red-handed at Bartica with a $7M boat that had been stolen over a week ago.

Owner of the boat, Latchman Ramnarine of D’ Edward, West Bank Berbice was relieved last evening when he spoke to his newspaper.

A resident of Bartica read the article about the missing boat in two daily newspapers and contacted Ramnarine on a number provided in the papers.

He informed Ramnarine that he had seen a “strange boat” fitting the description – blue with a red bottom – mentioned in the article and told him he should go.

He travelled to Bartica with a team the following morning and had to go another 20 miles into the Mazaruni area. They went first to confirm that it was his boat, staying half a mile away so the man would not see them.

They then returned with the police and the man was arrested. At the time, the man was constructing a shed over the boat.

He initially claimed that the boat was his but then admitted that he had stolen it and that he did not know what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, Ramnarine had suspected the man of stealing the boat after he disappeared from the area with his family at the same time, with all their belongings. A report was made at the Blairmont Police Station. Ramnarine and a few other persons also went to the No. 66 Fisheries to search and make inquiries but there was still no trace of his missing boat.

Determined not to give up, Ramnarine and his search team also travelled to Charity, Essequibo Coast to continue the search.

Again, their effort in locating the boat was in vain. They contacted the coastguards in that area and they promised to be on the lookout and to inform their colleagues in the interior locations.

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