APNU, AFC strike deal, Granger presidential candidate, Nagamootoo PM

APNU and the AFC today struck an alliance deal, dubbed the Cummingsburg Accord  which will see APNU Head, David Granger being the presidential candidate and the AFC’s Moses Nagamootoo being the prime ministerial candidate at the scheduled May 11, 2015 general elections.

The two parties held what they described as a “historic” joint press conference at 5.30 PM today at the Georgetown Club to announce details of the pact.

At the press conference this afternoon, it was announced that the AFC would be guaranteed 12 seats in parliament if the coalition won the election and two vice presidential positions. The AFC currently has seven seats in Parliament.

It was also stated at the press conference that the general secretaries of the two groups will begin hammering out a campaign strategy tomorrow.

The pre-election deal between the two parties will be seen as the most significant in opposition politics since Guyana became independent. It sets out positions to be shared at Cabinet and at other levels of the executive.

The alliance is seen as the biggest threat ever to the PPP/C’s hold on power since 1992.

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