Traffic cop, elderly cyclist hospitalised after Regent St collision

A traffic cop and an elderly pedal cyclist are now patients of the Georgetown Public Hospital following a collision along Regent Street yesterday afternoon.

The traffic officer, Clive Clark, 22, was reportedly on a motorbike while security guard Phillip Powell, 64, was on his bicycle when they collided at around 6pm.

Eyewitnesses told Stabroek News that Powell had been opposite the Bourda post office and had been attempting to cross the street when Clark, who was reportedly speeding, collided with him.

Clive Clark being rushed for treatment
Clive Clark being rushed for treatment

Reports indicate that Clark was hurled into the air from the impact of the crash before he bounced onto a parked car and then landed on the road. Powell, on the other hand, was knocked to the ground.

Further, eyewitnesses said the cycle which Clark was riding at the time was quickly picked up and removed from the scene of the accident by other ranks.

After witnessing Clark’s condition, several persons at the scene were heard expressing disbelief that he was still alive.

Clark was rushed to the hospital, with a blaring siren of a police motorcycle clearing the way while Powell was taken by a minibus.

The helpless body of the policeman bore bloody wounds about his face and body and he was swiftly carried into the Accident and Emergency Unit by his colleagues. These colleagues were said to be in close proximity on patrol duty at the time of the accident.

Clark was quickly operated on by the doctors while Powell, who bore a gaping wound to his forehead, sat in a wheelchair in the waiting area of the emergency unit. His wound was eventually bandaged and later looked at by doctors.



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