Coldingen man chopped five times in bloody Valentine’s night party

A Valentine’s night party turned bloody after a man attacked his neighbour and chopped him five times at Coldingen, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Jairam Samaroo called ‘Jiao’ of 52 Coldindgen, ECD, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital late Saturday night with five chop wounds to the left side of his body.

The alleged assailant was later arrested. Samaroo was treated and sent away early yesterday and is said to be recovering.

His wife Margaret Samaroo related to Stabroek News at the hospital yesterday how the attack occurred. “We just had a lil Valentine party and did having we lil drink and all we neighbour and so went over by we.

Then I just see he (neighbour) coming with a cutlass, then I tell me son ‘look, look he gon kill Jiao,’ then he turn and say ‘I coming back and deal with he’,” she recounted.

Margaret said that by the time she looked back, she saw her neighbour with a cutlass and knife in his hand and he just started to “fire chop.”

She recalled that she and her son Clement also sustained chop wounds as they were trying to jump between the two men to stop them. The woman indicated a wound on her right ear while her son who was also present at the hospital yesterday, had a visible chop wound to the top of his left eye.


The woman further said that the neighbour also disarranged her entire home and valuables including cash were missing.

The suspect was subsequently apprehended. A police rank attached to the hospital’s outpost was informed that the man was spotted just opposite the facility and he was taken into custody.

He was questioned and subsequently sent to the Vigilance Police Station.

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