Girl, 3, injured as minibus rear-ends car

A 3-year-old child of Hampton Court, Essequibo Coast was yesterday rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital after the car she and her father were involved in an accident.

Speaking with Stabroek News, Natram Chandrika said that around 8.30 am yesterday, he was returning home in his car with his daughter Shando Chandrika when a passenger minibus slammed into his car from behind.

“I de already put on my trafficator to stop and I was half-way cross the road already when the bus slam into me car from behind. Because of the speed the bus went going with, it skate and then slam into the car and the car run into a truck that de park on the corner of the road, Chandrika said.”

The man said as a result of the impact, his daughter who was sitting in the back seat of the car was thrown to the front.

“I had on my seat belt and I had to grabble my daughter before she crash through the windscreen. After the car end up between the two wheel of the truck, I try to hurry and take out my daughter and I take a next car and rush her to Suddie Hospital. They admit she because they say they have to observe she,” he added.

The man said that he sustained injuries to his hands and feet while his daughter sustained injuries to her head.

This newspaper was told that the bus which was transporting school children to Anna Regina and Cotton Field Secondary schools was badly damaged but no one else was injured.

The driver of the bus is in police custody assisting with investigations.

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