Man fined, ordered deported after illegally entering country

Haibing Zhou, who admitted to entering Guyana illegally, was yesterday fined and ordered deported.

Zhou had an interpreter during his arraignment in a Georgetown court because he apparently could not speak English.

However, when Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry asked the man if he spoke English, he indicated yes by nodding his head. The magistrate then laughed and said, “But you’re answering me.”

Nevertheless, the charges were read in English and then interpreted for Zhou, who offered a guilty plea.

Prosecutor Michael Grant told a city court that Zhou entered Guyana illegally by sea at Springlands, Corentyne. The court then asked Zhou if he agreed with the facts. Through his interpreter, he said yes.

He was then fined $30,000 and will be deported once the fine is paid.

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