Digicel removes daily cap from data plans

Digicel yesterday announced the launch of its ‘Flexible Data Plans,’ which will no longer have a daily cap.

In a statement, the company said the revised plans make it more affordable for prepaid customers to enjoy more data on the go when they connect their cell phones to the internet.

“The revised data plans are 1 Day (50MB) for $280, 2 Days (100MB) for $500, I week (350 MB) for $1100, 1 Month (800MB) for $2800 and 1 Month Plus (1GB) for $3200,” the company said. Digicel also noted that while customers will no longer have a cap on their daily usage, the caps will now apply to the entire period customers have subscribed.

Further, the company said, while the activation code *136# remains the same, there are changes to how the prepaid data plans work. There is also a new ‘Add-on’ feature to the data plans for customers who reach the limit before the plan expires. The ‘Add-on’ feature will cost $100 and will give customers an additional 15MB of data. Customers can purchase ‘Add-ons’ every hour as needed.

Commenting on the changes, Customer Care Manager Sherwyn Osborne said, “The changes were made based on feedback from customers that the 50MB daily cap was too limiting since on some days they have the need to use more [data].” Customers also said they wanted a facility that would help them to better manage their spending once they have exceeded their daily cap.

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