Granger promises Region One better power if alliance wins

Presidential Candidate David Granger has promised residents of Barima-Waini, Region One that if it wins the general elections A Partnership for National Unity-Alliance For Change (APNU-AFC) administration will address the area’s chronic electricity problem.

A release from APNU yesterday said that Granger remarked during a visit to the area that that “energy is the midwife of enterprise and economic development”.

One of the roads encountered during the trip (APNU photo)
One of the roads encountered during the trip (APNU photo)

He said that for a region that is four times the size of nearby Trinidad and Tobago, it is unimaginable that residents of Mabaruma, its administrative centre, are only getting five hours of electricity daily. Granger promised that an APNU-AFC government would work towards supplying the region with electricity “24/7”. An APNU-AFC government, he said, would invest in wind, solar and hydro-electric power and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Granger said that the retention of the aging ‘Lady Northcote’ and MV Kimbia ferries to service the north west was holding back commerce and development. The APNU release said that he promised increased investment in infrastructure, particularly roads and bridges, energy, education, and agro-processing. Every region, he posited, must have a regional agricultural institute and a regional technical institute to prepare young adults for satisfying careers.

The release said that Granger was accompanied by APNU parliamentarians Dr. George Norton, Winston Felix and Rennita Williams and former parliamentarian Richard Allen.




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