Lucky break for man who stole from friend

Accused of stealing two cellphones and a quantity of cash from his friend, Mark Griffith yesterday escaped a trial after the case against him was dismissed when his friend begged the court not to proceed with the matter.

Griffith had denied the charge which stated that on February 20, at the Rupert Craig Highway, he stole two cellphones and a quantity of cash totalling $94,400 belonging to Danica Caesar.

Griffith was represented by attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who requested that the matter against his client be dismissed after the complainant said she would not give evidence against him.

When Caesar was asked the reason she was no longer pursuing the matter, she revealed that she was promised full compensation. She also said had she shared a long friendship with Griffith and was surprised by his actions.

Before Magistrate Annette Singh freed Griffith, she impressed upon him that he was very lucky.

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