Granger sees united campaign in Linden for upcoming polls

Opposition Leader David Granger says that arrangements have been put in place to ensure that there is a united campaign in Linden for the upcoming elections.

Granger, in an interview with this newspaper, said that while it has been no secret that the party had some fractures in Region 10, there has now been a coming together and at the last general council arrangements were put together to have a common campaign.

“The people who were involved in what we call the factions are in support of the APNU campaign,” Granger said.

Asked whether the disciplinary issue with APNU’s Region 10 representative in the National Assembly Vanessa Kissoon has been settled Granger said: “Well it has been settled as far as the party is concerned, a committee was convened a decision was taken and as far as I am concerned that is an internal party matter and that is all I am prepared to say on that.” He added that the decision taken by the committee was communicated to Kissoon.

Kissoon along with Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon and other party supporters were at loggerheads with the party in the past but recently Solomon was appointed campaign manager for APNU in the area for the upcoming elections.

His appointment came in the wake of a motion put forward by Region Ten at the PNC Congress last year, calling for solutions to serious differences between Congress Place and the PNC membership in Region Ten. The major differences include, the appointment of former PNC member of Parliament Sandra Adams as the party’s coordinator for the region shortly after her return to the country from a protracted sojourn in the United States, the suspension of Kissoon, from the party following differences with the party’s General Secretary Oscar Clarke and the rejection of delegates from Region Ten from the party’s biennial conference in 2014. Another concern of PNC members and supporters in Region Ten is an apparent indifference by the party hierarchy to its former General Secretary and Member of Parliament Aubrey Norton. Granger has since said that Norton will be part of the coalition’s campaign.

In response to the motion, the central executive of the PNC had appointed former party leader Robert Corbin to meet with the various PNC groups in Region Ten to find amicable solutions to the problems. Corbin has so far held several meetings.