Couple placed on bond, husband fined $10,000

-after scuffle over house keys

A scuffle over house keys landed a couple in court yesterday where they were placed on a six-month bond to keep the peace, while the husband was fined $10,000.

Andrew Davis and Charlene Cameron appeared before Magistrate Annette Singh in Court 11, where Davis pleaded guilty to the charge of assault on his wife while Cameron pleaded not guilty.

The court heard that Davis and Cameron had a scuffle after a disagreement over their house keys. Prosecutor Adduni Inniss presented the facts of the case to the court and the statements of Davis.

When questioned by Magistrate Annette Singh, Davis said that he confronted Cameron about keys she took out of his bag. He said the keys belonged to him and she took them because she lost her keys on Mashramani Day.

He said he attempted to take the keys away, but Cameron grabbed him by the collar and gave him one “ringing slap” across the face. Cameron subsequently picked up a piece of wood and threw it towards him, hitting him in the stomach which resulted in a scuffle between the two. Cameron then ran out of the house and threatened Davis to report him to the North Ruimveldt Police Station. Davis said he went to work, but visited the police station the following day to find out a report wasn’t made against him by Cameron. Davis said the police later called Cameron and collected her statement on the matter. When Cameron was questioned by Magistrate Singh she said the police didn’t take her seriously and accused Davis of bribing the police with “Chinese food”.

Davis refused to give evidence against Cameron and the charge against her was subsequently dropped.

After listening to the facts Magistrate Singh placed both parties on a 6-month bond.

Failure to adhere to the bond results in one month imprisonment. Davis was fined $10,000 with one week to pay or one month imprisonment.


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