Opposition alliance condemns PPP ‘cuss down’

APNU+AFC today condemned what it said was ‘cuss down’ politics yesterday at the PPP’s Port Mourant observance for the Jagans. It took aim at both President Donald Ramotar and his predecessor, Bharrat Jagdeo.

The APNU+AFC press release follows:

GEORGETOWN – APNU+AFC is not surprised by the tone of the PPP’s campaign launch and remembrance Cheddi and Janet Jagan at the Babu John event on Sunday. As was the case with previous such events it was once again transformed into a platform for cuss down politics.

Regrettably even after five Presidencies and administering the affairs of this nation for almost a quarter of a century, the bankrupt PPP continues to be a party empty of ideas, unable to articulate a clear vision for Guyana’s development.

Instead of forward looking, the PPP is trapped in the politics of the past and filled with leaders who are more comfortable wallowing in the gutter of fear and ignorance rather than travelling the high road of National Unity and hope. Yesterday at Babu John, the now customary vilification and vulgar language of the leadership of the PPP was on full display. Having no record of progress to articulate, or any worthwhile or forward-looking national development agenda to present to the nation Ramotar and Jagdeo competed in the annual ‘cuss the Opposition’ ritual.

From President Donald Ramotar, to PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee to former President Bharrat Jagdeo they each demonstrated obscene contempt for the Guyanese people.

Comments such as “kick up the asses” are symptomatic of Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo public posture of disrespect and contempt for the Guyanese people. It speaks too to a streak and pattern of violence which has been introduced into PPP public statements. This follows comments by President Ramotar about the slapping of Amerindians. Despite a million dollar campaign to persuade the nation that they care the actions of the PPP are consistently contrary to that.

It is beyond question now that the PPP has completely strayed from the philosophy of Dr. Jagan. The PPP elite live Cadillac and mansion lifestyles, flying in private jets and spending millions on cosmetic dental work and boast about it on the political platform while their supporters are trucked in to these events on crudely assembled vehicles.

What is even more disturbing is Jagdeo’s appeal for racist politics. His comments about a certain group of people “being in” contradicts all the pleadings of the PPP being a multi-ethnic party representative of all Guyana.

APNU+AFC condemns this subliminal call for racist politics which is just a despicable modern call for apaan jhaat.

APNU+AFC also calls on the nation to stand united in rejecting the PPP’s cussdown politics. It is time that Guyana is relieved of this cabal of minority PPP rulership.

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