Cops seeking suspect in Hog Island murder

Police in ‘D’ Division are looking for the prime suspect in the chopping to death of a labourer of Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

The decomposed remains of Hardat ‘Shetty’ Persaud was discovered on a farm at Hog Island last Saturday in a drain. The body bore a gaping wound to the back of the neck. His sister, Fazie said her father, Hansram known as ‘Brown’ visited the scene with the police after they brought the news.

He found the body lying in a drain and covered with branches. Only the toes were exposed. There was also a trail of blood on the farm where the body was dragged.

Hardat Persaud
Hardat Persaud

She recalled that around 4 pm on Friday the man on whose farm her brother was working went to their home and told them her brother was “missing.”

He also said that there was blood around the camp where Persaud stayed and then left. Fazie said the police visited around 2 pm on Saturday and told her father he brought “sad news” before asking him to accompany them to identify the body.

Persaud had returned home before Mash day and said he would go back to work in a few days.

However, on February 24 another worker went looking for Persaud and took him back to Hog Island.

According to her, the suspect was last seen at Parika Stelling on Saturday morning. He was apparently escaping at the time. Fazie told this newspaper that another brother was also murdered over 20 years ago in Bartica.


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