Jailed for pelting pregnant woman

A man was jailed yesterday after being found guilty of pelting a pregnant woman with a bottle.

Gordon Kline had pleaded not guilty to the charge of assaulting Jennifer Pooran. It was alleged that on December 9, 2014, at Lisa’s Bar, on Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Kline forcefully threw a bottle at Pooran, hitting her above her right eye.

According to Prosecutor Adduni Inniss, Kline approached the pregnant Pooran in the bar and threatened her, saying he was going to shed her blood. He then picked up a bottle and threw it at her.

Kline was subsequently arrested and taken to the Alberttown Police Station, while Pooran went to the hospital, where a medical certificate was issued and it was used as evidence to support the charge.

Magistrate Annette Singh, who presided over Kline’s trial at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court 11, said she found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Kline was then sentenced to two months in prison.

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