Chopped Amelia’s Ward man in stable condition

-wounded assailant still on the run

 By Jeff Trotman


Marvin McLennon is in a stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Linden Hospital Complex after being on the operating table for over five hours on Monday.

He had been rushed to the institution, shortly after 6.00am, bleeding profusely from a chop he suffered to his neck.

McLennon,  37, was attacked by two men when he entered his home in a desolate area of Phase Three of a new housing scheme at Amelia’s Ward, Linden.  One of his assailants, Kelroy Williams, 43, died from stab wounds while the other escaped through the surrounding bushes, leaving a bloody trail on the sand outside of McLennon’s one-flat, wooden house. It is believed that the man, who escaped is in his fifties and is a well-known Christian-burg resident.

According to a source, who had been at the Linden Hospital Complex within the past twenty four hours, McLennon is in a stable condition and has begun relating his ordeal. Sources say that the incident stemmed from a triangular love affair, involving Williams, who had his attempts to resume an amorous relationship with his estranged child-mother repeatedly rebuffed as she had begun a relationship with McLennon.

According to a source,  Williams saw his estranged child-mother in McLennon’s company on Sunday night and later that night went to her home on the west bank of Linden and repeatedly knocked on her front door while calling her name but received no response. Later on Sunday evening, Williams, who resided at Wisroc, and a friend went to McLennon’s home at Amelia’s Ward and entered it by removing louvre panes at the front window. The two men then replaced the louvre panes and secreted themselves in the house, laying in wait for McLennon.

Williams had lived in the United States of America for some time before returning to Guyana under dubious circumstances.

A man, who claimed to have last seen Williams early Saturday morning after a fete that Williams had attended on Friday night – Phagwah Night – at the Wash Bay on Winifred Gaskin Highway, One Mile, said that Williams told him “the fete was nice but the only thing was that the Police closed down the fete around 2.00 am”.

According to the man, Williams, who managed to stumble through the front door and fell dead on the loose sand at the front of McLennon’s home, looked for what he got. “You and the man been in a story over the woman just days earlier. The man reported the matter to the police. What you doing in the man house waiting on the man?” he asked.

It is alleged that McLennon and Williams were due to appear in court in relation to a public scuffle they had in the presence of Williams’ child-mother days before the fatal incident.

McLennon had recently moved into his current residence, which he had built just over a month ago after selling a concrete house in South Amelia’s Ward – not far away – in which he had previously lived.

He had also purchased a new car less than two weeks ago, replacing an older car, which he used to ply his trade as a hire car driver. This led many to believe that robbery was the motive for the two men to ambush him in his home.

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