Man charged with stealing $3.5M engine

Two men were yesterday charged over the theft of a $3.5M engine but one of them left the court a free man while the other faces a trial.

Dorian Freeman, 31, of Lot 11 Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden was accused of stealing a Caterpillar engine valued $3,500,000, belonging to Ricardo Seelall at Cuyuni River. Henry Da Silva was charged with receiving the engine, although he knew it was stolen.

But Prosecutor Bharat Mangru informed the court that Seelall did not wish to proceed with the matter against Da Silva, since he had compensated him some $1M. Mangru added that Seelall would, however, be proceeding with the charge against Freeman.

As a result, Da Silva was freed.

Freeman’s attorney, Melvin Duke, made an application for reasonable bail to be granted. Bail was set at $100,000 for Freeman on the condition that he report to the officer in charge of ‘F’ Division headquarters every fortnight commencing from March 20.

The matter was transferred to the Linden Magistrates’ Court for March 27.


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