Find Crum-Ewing’s killers – President urges police

President Donald Ramotar this morning condemned the killing of political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing and urged the police to find those responsible.

Ramotar at the time was addressing the opening ceremony of the Police Officers’ Annual Conference.

He said that all those who have information should come forward and provide same to the police. He said that it does not do much for those persons to keep the information to themselves.

Ramotar called on the police to go after and find the intellectual author of the brutal act.

The 40-year-old who had staged a one-man picket outside the office of Attorney General Anil Nandlall for weeks over the latter’s hair-raising conversation with a KN reporter was heard on a bullhorn shortly before he was killed urging voters to not stay at home come May 11th but to take to the polls to oust the incumbent PPP/C government.

His relatives insist that his stance on government issues is what led to his death.

Senior police officers today insisted that they are actively investigating the matter and expressed optimism that they will make a breakthrough.

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