Crum-Ewing was shot five times, thrice in head – Nigel Hughes

Political activist Courtney Crum-Ewing was shot five times with three shots to the head and another at point blank range from behind his neck, an autopsy this morning has found.

Attorney Nigel Hughes who represented the man when he was alive, posted on his Facebook page that gun powder residue was found on the collar at the back of the shirt that Crum-Ewing was wearing. Hughes said that Crum-Ewing was shot three times in the head and another shot was at point blank range from behind his neck and one from under his arm pit exiting above his shoulder. Two war heads have been recovered from the head of the deceased, according to Hughes.

Crum-Ewing, 40, was gunned down by a group of men in a car shortly after 8PM on Tuesday as he walked along a street in the Diamond, East Bank Demerara community where he lived. At the time, he was urging persons to come out and vote at the upcoming May 11th general elections so that the PPP/C could be removed from office.

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