Duo busted with bags of ganja after high-speed shoot-out with cops

Two men, who were transporting two salt bags filled with cannabis, were yesterday arrested after a shoot-out with the police along David Street, Kitty.

The men were chased by a police car filled with plain clothes policemen around 9:30AM, from Sheriff Street into David Street, where they were forced to stop their car and surrender.

Crime Chief Leslie James yesterday confirmed the shooting, while noting that the men were believed to have been carrying cannabis when they were intercepted by police in another vehicle.

According to a resident, there was an exchange of gunshots between the police and the two men.

“I see the car coming in my direction and one of the men shoot at the police car behind them. The police shoot up in the air and the men them stop their car and come out,” the eyewitness said.

James was uncertain about the weight of the cannabis which was later found in the two bags.

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