Cause of West R’veldt fire still undetermined

Fire investigators are yet to determine the cause of the fire that destroyed the Moore family home in West Ruimveldt on Thursday.

A team visited the site yesterday and went through the remains.

Amiba Moore had told Stabroek News that it was suspected that the fire might have been electrical, since power had only returned to the home just minutes before the blaze started at the single-storey house.

According to Venus Walcott, one of Moore’s aunts, the fire investigators told her they were yet to find the cause of the fire and the investigations are ongoing.

Walcott recalled that she had left home around 11.30 am, just before the house went up in flames. She said she returned some 30 minutes later to discover the house burnt to the ground.

The family is now separated as Moore, her husband, their two children and one of her aunts, visiting from overseas, are staying with her sister at Vlissingen Road, while the others are in Lodge Housing Scheme at another relative. Moore said she is very comfortable and is trying her best to stay positive and cope with the situation.

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