Husband, wife ordered to keep peace

-after dropping assault charges against each other

A husband and wife were on Thursday ordered to keep the peace and seek counselling after landing in a city court on charges that they assaulted each other.

Paul Morrison, 52, a lecturer at the Government Technical Institute (GTI), was charged with unlawfully assaulting Leslyn Morrison, 44, a supervisor at the Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire & Life Insurance Companies (GTM). Mrs Morrison was also charged with unlawfully assaulting as well as using threatening language towards her husband.

When asked by Magistrate Annette Singh if they were willing to proceed with the charges against each other, Mrs. Morrison’s response was, “I fear for my life. He should undergo psychiatric evaluation and seek counselling,” while Mr Morrison related his failed attempt to take his wife for counselling at Help and Shelter.

Both parties eventually decided not to offer evidence against each other for the charges read to them, after which Magistrate Singh placed them both on a six-month bond to keep the peace. She also ordered them to seek counselling at Help and Shelter.


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