Coldingen taxi driver stabbed 30 times in failed carjacking

A Coldingen, East Coast Demerara taxi driver was stabbed 30 times about his body on Friday night by a carjacker who pretended to be a passenger and asked to be taken to Dazzel Housing Scheme.

Deonarine Ramkellawan, 34, of Enterprise, East Coast Demerara was plying his trade on Friday around 6 pm when a young man approached him and asked to be taken to 14th Street Dazzel Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara to pick up his daughter.

His brother Deochand Ramkellawan said Deonarine agreed to carry the man to his destination, but when he turned onto the street, the ‘passenger’ drew a knife and started to stab him while demanding that he hand over his car.

Deonarine refused, drove the car into a nearby gutter and started to fight back. Residents in the area, probably drawn by the car crashing into the drain, came out of their houses and rescued him while his attacker fled the scene, leaving his knife behind.

Deochand said it was around 6.50 pm that he received a call from his brother who said that “his skin was soaked in blood and he get stab up.” He hurried to the scene where he saw the car in the ditch and his brother’s clothes soaked in blood.

Deonarine Ramkellawan was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital and treated for the 30 stab wounds about his body. He was discharged yesterday afternoon.

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