Centenarian celebrates 101st birthday

Centenarian Verley Etheline Bellamy yesterday marked another milestone when she celebrated her 101st birthday.

Speaking on behalf of her grandmother, Natalie Outridge stated that although Bellamy is restricted by her mobility, she is nevertheless thankful for the opportunity to spend another birthday with her family. Outridge also stated that the family will gather on Sunday to celebrate Bellamy’s birthday at her home in Linden.

Stabroek News first interviewed Bellamy last year at the home she shares with her eldest daughter, Joan, and her family at Redwood Crescent, Mackenzie, as she was nearing her 100th birthday.

Centenarian Verley Etheline Bellamy
Centenarian Verley Etheline Bellamy

Bellamy recounted the beginning of her life at Kara Kara Creek, where her parents farmed and made cassareep, starch and cassava bread, and later her moving several times to Linden for school. She eventually ended up in Georgetown, where she remained for a while before heading back to Linden to start a family of her own.

Widowed at young age, a determined Bellamy sought work as domestic in order to maintain her two daughters. She kept the job until her daughters got married and started families of their own.

Now a grandmother of 16, great grandmother of 16 and great-great grandmother four, Bellamy still manages to stay up to date with current affairs as she enjoys the news, whether it be on the television or on the radio.

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