Wakenaam man thankful for life after severe maiming

Two weeks after being maimed by an attacker, a Wakenaam man remains bedridden at the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he is slowly recuperating, while thanking God for being alive.

Lilavamnauth Dhannyram, 23, of Free and Easy, Wakenaam Island, Essequibo River, suffered at least five chop wounds about his head and face along with two chops wounds on his left hand, from where one of his fingers was completely severed, along with other chops wounds about his body.

His assailant, identified as Vijay Sancharra, was subsequently apprehended and has since been charged with attempted murder.

Lilavamanauth Dhannyram
Lilavamanauth Dhannyram

From his hospital bed, where he is covered in stitches and bandages, Dhannyram constantly thanked God for saving his life after the unprovoked March 7th attack.

An uncle of Dhannyram told Stabroek News that his nephew was stopped by his assailant, who asked him for a drop on his motorcycle. However, since Dhannyram was unlicensed and was not wearing a helmet, he refused to offer the man the ride. It was then the attacker pulled out a weapon he had tucked in his waist and started chopping his nephew, the man said.

But according to Dhannyram, he was riding at a slow pace when he was suddenly dealt a chop to his face which threw him off his motorcycle. He added that after the first chop, he fell off his cycle, which fell upon him, and his attacker continued to vigorously fire chops at him.

“After he start fuh chap me… me decide fuh run, because me bin still strang yet and he start fuh run me and firing mo chap wild, wild. And then me jump in a trench and swim about five rods and come out at a grass carna,” Dhannyram said.

He added that one of his friends later found him helpless and bleeding profusely at the corner of the road.

An alarm was then raised, which brought the presence of the police, who transported the wounded man to a health facility on the island. He was later transferred to the Suddie Hospital, in Essequibo, before being rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.

Dhannyram has since been recovering, resulting in him being transferred to the Male Surgical Ward. His mother said the doctors are planning to transfer him to the Suddie Hospital, where he will be admitted until he recovers totally.

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