Ramotar hails Jagan ideals

President Donald Ramotar yesterday hailed the ideals of the Jagans.
Speaking at the sixth memorial ceremony for former President Janet Jagan and amid a raging row over the lifestyle of the Jagans versus that of former President Bharrat Jagdeo, Ramotar called for her struggles to be upheld.
According to GINA, Ramotar told those gathered at the Babu John memorial site at Port Mourant, Corentyne that Jagan was a dedicated woman who fought for what she believed in.
He said that it is for this reason that the PPP/C administration will continue to be loyal to the ideas, policies and visions she and her husband shared for the Guyanese nation.
Ramotar said even in changing circumstances the ideas of Jagan and her late husband, former President Cheddi Jagan and visions have been reproduced in many of the current day policies and programmes.
He noted, GINA said, that Mrs. Jagan herself worked on a very vibrant housing programme, and almost all of the current social policies were from their vision or were started by the Jagans during their governance.
Lauding her as a woman of great courage and strength, President Ramotar spoke of Mrs. Jagan identifying herself as a Guyanese even though she was American born, and in the face of criticisms she still stood up for Guyanese.
In spite of numerous attacks by the then PNC government, President Ramotar said Mrs. Jagan more often than not placed herself in difficult positions while defending citizens. “Even under attack she never lost her kindness and humanity”, he said.
PPP/C Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper was also among those paying tribute to the late Mrs. Jagan, GINA said. Harper said “I’m pleased to share her memory as she undoubtedly touched the lives of many people throughout the length and breadth of this country.”
She added that youths today can learn from a woman like Mrs Jagan and they should never be daunted or disillusioned by obstacles that confront them.
“She was a strong courageous and bold woman. She had to be, to follow her husband to a strange land with new cultures and to stand by him to face all the challenges of the day”, Harper stated.
General Secretary of the PPP/C Clement Rohee also emphasised Mrs. Jagan’s work and contributions to the Guyanese nation.
He said, according to GINA, that the ceremony, which has become a tradition for the past six years, has been one where the party reaffirms its commitment to a good cause.
“Nowadays there are some who are of the view that the PPP/C has no cause to follow, but the cause that was laid down by Comrade Janet and Comrade Cheddi in 1950 when this party started out remains the cause to which we in the PPP adhere to, to this day.”
In recent weeks, the party has been embroiled in controversy after Jagdeo drew a comparison between his lifestyle and that of the Jagans. That comparison prompted a sharp rebuke from former PPP stalwart Ralph Ramkarran who had worked closely with the Jagans for many years. That was followed by searing criticism from the Jagans’ daughter, Nadira Jagan-Brancier who also questioned why no one in the party had defended the Jagans. Attorney and personal assistant to Mrs Jagan, Sadie Amin also blasted Jagdeo for his remarks and attested to the spartan lifestyle of Mrs Jagan.
After stating that he had nothing to say about the Jagdeo comparison, Rohee last week changed his stance and said that what Jagdeo said was not the party’s position.


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