Granger sworn in as President

David Granger was sworn in as President of Guyana on the balcony of Parliament Building at 2.19 pm today in the presence of a large, jubilant crowd.

In his speech he referred to the symbolism behind holding the swearing in ceremony at Parliament.

The oath was administered to him by the acting Chancellor the Judiciary, Carl Singh after the proclamation was read by Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally.

He lauded candidates who acceded to the 11th Prliament saying that he would never prorogue it. A reference to the controversial proroguing of Parliament last year by former President Donald Ramotar.

He called for all sides to work for unity and to put aside the electoral period. He pledged to be a president for all the people.

Granger said his government will refashion society so that women, old folk and young people can have better lives.

He extended the arm of friendship to Ramotar and the PPP to join with the unity movement.

Granger announced that APNU+AFC and the former government has set up a transition team to pave the way for the change in government and to ensure the stability of the state.

Joseph Harmon has been appointed as the temporary Head of the Presidential Secretariat.

Granger led the gathering in singing lines  from the patriotic song ‘Let us cooperate for Guyana’ and invited all Guyanese to the formal inauguration ceremony at the National Stadium on May 26, Independence Day.

Granger also announced that Moses Nagamootoo will be sworn in as Prime Minister when he is formally made a Member of Parliament.


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