Death of Goed Intent labourer leads to manslaughter charge

The suspect in the recent beating to death of a Goed Intent man is to be charged with manslaughter and will make his first court appearance shortly, according to Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum.

Wesley Douglas
Wesley Douglas

Blanhum said that the charge was recommended based on the legal advice police investigators had sought. Wesley Douglas a 47-year-old labourer succumbed to his injuries on Sunday, days after he sustained a severe blow to the head.

Reports are that Douglas was drinking at a rum shop at Parfait Harmonie around 4 pm last Friday when an argument ensued between him and a cousin with whom he had an old grievance. Accord-ing to police sources, the suspect came out of the shop and Douglas followed him and the argument continued. Douglas reportedly punched the suspect who in turn dealt him a blow to his head and left arm. Relatives said the attacker used a “wood to lash him.” Douglas immediately collapsed to the ground and was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospi-tal. He was subsequently transferred to the George-town Hospital where he died.


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