Foreign policy to boost Guyana’s standing, stimulate economy

-Greenidge tells diaspora in Washington

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge said the new administration’s foreign policy will improve Guyana’s international standing, stimulate greater economic development and create conditions for increased remigration, in his address to Guyanese in Washington, DC.

“Noting that the enthusiastic support for the new Government following its election was evident both locally and among the diaspora,” Greenidge observed that the diaspora is an underutilized resource and assured his compatriots that the government will put measures in place to enable them to contribute to Guyana’s national development. The minister added that international cooperation, including the contributions of the Guyanese diaspora, was an essential component in the country’s mission to address the needs of its communities and improve the living standards of its people, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Greenidge also pointed out that “the prevailing spirit of boundless optimism and energy among Guyana’s people would be needed to supersede the challenges inherent in fashioning a just, prosperous and stable society.” He assured the gathering that the government is capable of defending Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and that “conditions are favourable for improved economic prospects.”

The vice president also expressed government’s appreciation for the contributions of overseas nationals to Guyana’s development and urged them to maintain a spirit of unity and inclusivity in their activities.





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