Repairs to PM’s residence advertised

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has advertised for repairs to the Prime Minister’s residence.

New Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo recently told Stabroek News that the residence required major repairs.

Prime Minister Residence (Ian Mackenzie, Wikipedia  commons)
Prime Minister Residence (Ian Mackenzie, Wikipedia commons)

In the advertisement in today’s Guyana Chronicle, the ministry said that the duration of the works will be five weeks.

It said that bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding procedure specified in the Procurement Act of 2003. It said that bidders would be able to uplift documents at a fee of $3,000 and the deadline for bids would be June 30, 2015 upon which day the bids would be opened. The advertisement is however defective as it did not include the addresses from where the bid documents could be uplifted or the location for the opening of the bids.

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