Grocer out on bail on fraud charge

A grocer was released on bail after a city court was told that he had fraudulently converted a quantity groceries entrusted to him to his own use and benefit.

Ganesh Jaikarran of Lot 4 Cummings Street and North Road, told Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry that he was not guilty after the charge was read to him at the Georgetown Magis-trates’ Court 1.

Ganesh Jaikarran
Ganesh Jaikarran

According to the charge, on April 15, Jaikarran converted to his own use and benefit a quantity of groceries totalling $435,000 entrusted to him by Rampertab Etwar.

However, the defendant told the court that the amount the complainant is claiming in the charge is false. He contended that the amount is $218,000.

Further, he argued that he had already paid Etwar $110,000 via a money transfer transaction.

He also accused Etwar of placing a gun to his neck and threatening him.

There was no objection to bail by Prosecutor Bharat Mangru which was set at $80,000, but after the defendant pleaded for a reduction since he said that he could not afford the sum, it was reduced to $60,000.














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