Health Minister visits flood-affected Mahaicony Creek

Minister of Health Dr. George Norton (right) interacting with flood affected residents of Mora Point, Mahaicony Creek, Region 5 (GINA photo)

After receiving information about heavy rainfall and flooding in some sections of the Mahaicony Creek, Minister of Health Dr. George Norton along with a team of health workers yesterday visited Mora Point, a Region Five community, GINA said

The Ministry collaborated with Food for the Poor to provide some form of relief to the residents of the affected areas, GINA said. Food items together with clothing and some medication were shared out.

The Public Health Minister who was accompanied by Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, also toured the Shri Prakash Gossai Heath Centre, Mora Point where he inspected their medical supply and interacted with the Community Health Worker (CHW), Davindra Rupchand. This centre was opened on August 26, 2009, GINA said.

The CHW is the key officer at the institution, and functions in all capacities, but such a situation is unacceptable, the   Minister said.

He added that he was very disappointed that there are so many doctors being introduced to the public health system but none are being deployed into these remote areas. Gavin Persaud, Regional Health Officer (RHO) who was also a part of the visiting team committed to have a Medex stationed at the facility in a week’s time, GINA said.

Further, he com-mitted to having a doctor who will visit and make general rounds and referrals once every month.

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