Mayor Green calls on city vendors to clean up their act

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green met with city vendors on Tuesday and charged them to “improve the way you ply your trade.”

According to a press release from the Mayor and City Council (M&CC), present at the meeting were senior staffers of the Council and City Constabulary, during which, Mayor Green told those present, “it cannot be business as usual. Vendors must improve the manner in which they ply their trade.” In addition, he said, “no new vending would be allowed.”

Several issues were brought to the forefront inclusive of waste disposal. “Each vendor,” the Mayor said, should “have a refuse receptacle to deposit waste.” Further, Green said, “vending is for itinerant articles” contrary to what he sees as “some vendors have established mini stores on the public thoroughfare [and] have encumbered the walk way,” and this, “cannot be condoned by the City Constabulary.”

Equally, the vendors were asked by the Mayor, “not to block the entrances of business and not to hang their items for sale on the showcases of these businesses.”

The Public Health Department of the Council expressed concerns as it related to maintenance of the community’s health and the “increase in barbering, manicuring and pedicuring on public thoroughfares.” These operations, it said, do not conform to public health standards and may put the health of citizens at risk.

It is expected, Green said, “vendors will ply their trade within the ambit of the law.” Simultaneously, he called on the City Constabulary Officers, “to uphold the laws.” Green also noted, “some vendors conduct themselves in an undignified manner, many of them abuse Officers of the City Constabulary” and this practice “would not be tolerated.”

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