South Ruimveldt pensioner shot, robbed outside home

A South Ruimveldt Gardens pensioner is nursing at least three gunshot wounds after he put up a fight with two men who robbed him in front of his home just after lunch yesterday.

According to the police, Reginald Manbodh, 67, had just returned home when he was attacked and robbed of $2 million.

The men arrived on a motorcycle and escaped with the cash which was in an envelope, but not before discharging several rounds, three of which struck the victim to his arms and legs, the police said.

The suspects are still at large.

Reginald Manbodh
Reginald Manbodh

Manbodh’s relatives are traumatized as the shooting occurred in their presence in broad daylight.

A relative recalled that Manbodh left the home without informing anyone where he was heading.

The vehicle, which was parked in the yard, has a huge bullet hole at the front, and the relative opined that it might have been the said shot which exited his leg.

Manbodh’s sister-in-law said they were at home and the incident occurred exactly at 1.05 pm.

She said the man had visited a Scotiabank branch in Georgetown and then drove home. She further explained that Manbodh did not stop at any other place before reaching his Kiskadee Drive, South Ruimveldt home.

The woman recalled hearing the commotion outside but never expected anything like that, since most of the streets were flooded at the time.

At first when she looked out of the window, the sister-in-law said, she thought Manbodh had a mechanical problem with his vehicle.

She said the men wore raincoats, covered their face and had helmets on; they therefore could not be identified, she added.

The gun which the bandit used to shoot her brother-in-law was very small and no spent shells were recovered from the scene, she said.

There were visible bloodstains and shattered glass in front of Manbodh’s yard.

While the police said that Manbodh was robbed of $2 million, the woman said relatives could not say exactly how much money he was carrying at the time.

She noted also that her brother-in-law refused to hand over the cash and fought with the bandits which might have resulted in him being shot.

A neighbour who Stabroek News met at the Georgetown Public Hospital where the injured man was rushed, had gone to the man’s aid; her clothes were stained with his blood.

The woman said she heard gunshots and on looking out observed the injured man. Since she has some knowledge of nursing, the neighbour related, she rushed to the man’s aid and tried to stop the blood flowing from both his left and right arms. The woman said there was also a gaping wound on his left leg which was also bleeding profusely.

At the hospital, Manbodh’s wife was too traumatized to speak about the incident.

Meanwhile, Manbodh’s sister-in-law complained about the lack of response from the police’s 911 service.

“We call three times and they keep hanging up the phone,” she lamented. She then got another contact number for the police but calls to that number went unanswered.

The woman said she began calling for someone to drive the vehicle in which Manbodh was shot, but another neighbour arrived with his vehicle and transported the injured man to the hospital; his condition is said to be stable.

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